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Change Vhdx Size from a dynamic expanding to smaller fixed.


The situation: Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V host, with a debian Guest dynamically expanding Virtual Hard disk up to 128GB (deb.vhdx)

What I'm trying to do: Convert the deb.vhdx to a fixed disk with a size of 30GB and move it to a ssd drive.

I booted up with gparted and resized it but hyper v still sees the full size of 128. I tried converting to fix disk for the full amount and shrinking it via gparted and same thing. i also booted into the vm and ran this command sfill -fllz . and then shrank it via gparted and still hyper v still shows 128GB.

Is this possible to do with out imaging the partition to a new vhd?
Windows Server 2012Hyper-V* Debian

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