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PowerShell help - comparing folder and file names

Hi All

We have a server with a file structure where each client has their own folder, and the client/folder has a unique 5-digit reference, thus a client folder might be named '12345 Mr Aardvark'. This client folder likely contains many nested sub-folders. Every file within any of these folders is supposed to be prefixed with '12345', for example '12345 Welcome Letter.docx'

I'm trying to write a PowerShell script that can live at the top level of each client folder. When run, the script generates a list of every file in either the main client folder or any of its sub-folders (I'm good to here) then compares the first 5 characters of each file name with the 5 characters of the client folder name, and generates a report listing by location those files which have either been mis-filed or more likely have been saved without the 5 character identifier. This bit I am not so good at.

In a perfect world I guess the report would be run at a set time each night and a report listing every mismatch and their location placed in a single file in the root 'Clients' folder.

Any pointers gratefully accepted and I'll happily consider this a commercial project.

Thanks for any help,
Kind regards
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A commercial project for 8 lines of Powershell?
$Root = 'D:\Clients'
Get-ChildItem -Path $Root -Directory | Where-Object {$_.BaseName -match '\A(?<ID>\d{5})\s+'} | ForEach-Object {
	$ID = $Matches['ID']
	"Processing $($_.Name), ID '$($ID)' ..." | Write-Host
	Get-ChildItem -Path $_.FullName -File -Recurse |
		Where-Object {$_.BaseName.SubString(0, 5) -ne $ID} |
		Select-Object @{n='ID'; e={$ID}}, DirectoryName, Name, Length, LastWriteTime
} | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path "$($Root)\_Mismatch.csv"

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Fantastic - thank you so much! Love the fact you took the trouble to write in a check for the 5-digit folders - brilliant!
Sorry to be a pain but trying to implement this and our setup is slightly different to what i thought
So for instance it may be something similar to;

So a letter followed by 5 numbers and not 5, and then the hyphen (-) so no spacing either
i have tried to edit the above script to accommodate this but cant quite get it working
Any suggestions?

Many thanks
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thats done it, thank you very much!
Question answered.