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Lotus Domino 9.0.1 Reply to All issue

Good Afternoon,

We are having a problem with IBM Lotus notes Version 9.01 when a user tries to use the “Reply To All” function on an email received from an external email address.  

Our domains are configured as follows:
Lotus Notes/Domino Domain:
Primary Internet Domain:

We are running Domino on a Windows 2012 server.

I think we should first mention that we have found another question asked on the internet (which never got answered) we think is “somewhat” similar to the problem we are having:

Here is an example of our specific problem
An external user “John Doe” sends an email to the following example users:

All users receive this first email no problem. However, when, let’s say User2, tries to “Reply To All” then Lotus IBM Notes generates the following:

To: “Doe, John (company)” <>
Cc: “, “” <>, “,

When you look at the CC: field, you can see that lotus incorrectly puts one double quote before our Lotus Note users - User1 and User3. Interestingly, the external address seems to form correctly here (gmail1).

If a user tries to send the email in its current form, a Delivery Failure is presented with the following error: “Invalid Internet address specified.”

Maybe it’s also important to mention that our “reply to all” generates proper addresses in the CC: field if we use it with just lotus notes/domino domain addresses. It’s only we when receive an email from an external source to multiple lotus notes users, do we seem to have this problem. Also, with what we tested it seems to be emails sent from outlook/exchange which always gave the error. Group Emails received from Gmail and Yahoo do seem to properly create addresses in the CC: field for us. So maybe it’s only email sent by specific external mail applications (Outlook/Exchange in our case) that give us this error when trying to reply to all?

The rest of the Lotus Notes Mail program works as expected besides this problem.

Our main questions are:
Does anyone know for sure what is causing our lotus notes to generate improper addresses in the CC: Field for externally received “group” emails?

Is naming the Lotus Notes/Domino Domain and the Internet Domain the exactly the same a problem?

And if so, is trying to change the Domino Domain something that could cause problems elsewhere?

Hopefully someone can help us out. If anyone needs more information please let us know! Thank You!
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I once had the same problem, I think it was back in... 1995 or so, on Notes 3.21 or whatever release we had. To answer your questions: I don't know exactly causes the improper address, naming both domains the same isn't exactly the same problem, and yes changing the domain name will cause a lot of problems, but it's the best thing you can do.

In short: it's the dot in (as Notes domain) that creates all the havoc. You must change your Notes domain and then all your troubles will be over. Well... all... ;-)

If you just started your Notes environment (which seems likely), it might be easiest to restart your installation from scratch and give out new Notes ids and passwords. You could also create a new server in a new domain, and transfer all ids to the new domain, but that's a lot more work.

If you restart, you might have issues with people who really want to keep their mail databases. They'll have to decrypt their database, then you can modify the ACLs to grant access to the changed user id.

Here's a TechNote that describes the procedure in much more detail:
Also you might try FixPac k 8 since this contains fixes to the adressing of mail.
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Actually in an attempt to obfuscate our domain the example is not quite our situation, there is no hostname but just the .com
I think the domino domain may have originally been the same at the certifier name.
Also I think that one of our techs may have confused the domino domain with the internet domain and changed the domino name to the internet domain, because we didn't always have this problem
IF I wanted to change this back to what I think it was, what are the possible ramifications ? and could I change it back with no ill effects.
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Sjef Bosman
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