port 139

how i close this ports 139
gyorgy elemerAsked:
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Windows Firewall is a great place to start. Appliance firewall would be the next step. ACLs on switches would complete it.

Windows key + W and type Windows Firewall
Choose Windows Firewall
Advanced Settings on the left side
Click on New Rule.
Select port and click next
Specify 139 to disable and click next
Select Block the connection.

Depending on the firewall and switch you have, the instructions would vary, but the concept is the same. You identify the port you want to block and create a rule to drop those packets.

The same would go for any other ports you may have a hankering to close.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
you cannot close it, only block connections as mention above, however, you don't want to do it on windows itself, since some windows function need it open to work, you want to block connection to it from your NAT/Firewall device
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