802.1X auth setup and configuration

James Fry
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How long does it take to set up 802.1X auth for both wired and wired clients?  Including the NPS setup and Certificate Authority?  Also, what is the best way to get all clients on the network configured if necessary?  This is using Windows Server 2012.
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If you k ow what you are doing and the network is healthy? An hour, maybe two. If you've never done it before and are researching every step. Much longer. As to configuring clients, group policy or MDM.
In Theory (IT)
What Cliff said, however which authen are you using if AD plus radius, and certificate you're in for treat, ad is easy, certificate is both certs and credentials push via gpo over the network.


Radius authen-------AD authen-----------push certificate install on compliant machine

Or AD authen-------------push certificate

or OWA certificate install---------------- then AD authen
Andy BartkiewiczNetwork Analyst
The NPS setup doesn't take long and you can send out all the settings that clients need via group policy. Implementation takes longer depending on the size of your network. Printers take the longest, each one has to either have 802.1x setup on it, if they will run it, or they need to be setup to use mac bypass.

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