Live streaming your event online


I managed the IT department at our National Auditorium and i am doing a little bit of research regarding setting up our Auditorium to live-streaming our events in throughout the world via "internet".

At the moment whenever we have big national shows - we have a National Television company which comes and live stream and broadcast the event LIVE throughout the country on Television only.

Just recently, my committee met and propose to me to work on setting up a way where we can live stream our events through online via our website where a visitor will pay at least $2.00 or less before watching the show. I know this will involve setting up a merchant account where by the PGateways will process credit card and deposit fund into our merchant account before a visitor could watch a live event.

We have high end equipment in our auditorium (eg: audio and visual).

I have also developed the site and it is online now.

Anyway's i am just doing a little bit of research and even if we have to buy some hardware or any suggestions i would very much appreciate. Please let me know your thoughts and input.

Much appreciated.

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
>>  We have high end equipment in our auditorium (eg: audio and visual).

But do you have the equipment to do the high streaming?  That is usually done by an outside provider that has the bandwidth to cater for the viewers.  In your case the TV company is/was doing it (or contracting to another provider to do it).
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
First you will need a dedicated internet connection to broadcasting your video via internet and it's depends on the viewer you expect
Second I use this application to broadcasting my events via Facebook and YouTube or any site you need
You can use it with any video camera or ip cam etc
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Hi so sorry and thank you for putting this out.

Yes - we have the local ISP sponsoring major event to broadcast for the IPTV right across the country.

So no worries with the bandwidth as our local ISP support us on this.

So - any idea on how to move forward?

@Temody - at the moment we use live stream on Facebook but we would like now to stream it online and get a visitor to pay to watch for the event.

Let me know please.
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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
You need streaming experts to help you with converting your live streams to web-viewable content, and to support monetization.

In technical terms, you need to output an RTMP stream to a transmuxing/transcoding service, and to convert it into mpeg-dash or hls. Then it can be played on the web without Flash, and can be secured to support only paying customers.

Talk to these guys - - they are experts in this field.
I know - I am their CTO :)
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thanks @shalomc - i have already found the experts in this field as well and i kind like their price?

How would you compare your pricing and support with them?

They are
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Wowza has great technology and their cloud service is cool.
We are resellers and integrators. We would certainly offer to sell you Wowza. However, some of our clients have huge streaming accounts - hundreds of terrabytes and more - and Wowza cloud tends to be expensive at this scale. Others need to deliver to "esoteric" regions like latin america, south east asia, asia pacific or even China. Wowza cloud may not the optimal solution in terms of performance and availability.

So if you are happy with Wowza cloud and the price is right - go for it.
If however your bills start to pile up higher that $1000 a month, or if performance sucks - talk with us.

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BakakaAuthor Commented:
what is your rate?

maybe i will take your solution if it is cheaper than Wowza?
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Moving to private - this is irrelevant to the solution.
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