Foolproof remote support software? (client end)

I help some users remotely with their Windows and OS X issues.

To do this, remote login software must be installed on the users computer. Obviously I cannot do this. So they have to given instructions over the telephone.  This works well with most users.

However for the remainder, while they can successfully download Teamviewer or ISL, they then get lost and then the it can become
an agonising process. i.e. the software goes to their download folder but they don't know where their download folder is! The fun really begins then...It can take sometimes 20 minutes to help them find it.

Is there a more foolproof way of changing this process?

Outside-the-box suggestions welcome also.

(BTW, I normally use TeamViewer or ISL)
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Team viewer is the tool for you. I used the paid version and have my own custom URL. It has my own password for access. All clients have to do is start the app and provide me the ID.

This is temporary as I don't need always on access to their computers. My URL is
GoToMeeting will work too.  As will webex
when i download teamviewer ofr clients - it starts installing automaticly
so i really have no problems with it - other than asking their id and password
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
I'm afraid you're caught on the 80/20 rule and there really isn't much you can do .. the 20% that cause 80% of the headaches will always exist and the problem with remote support will only get worse for a couple of reasons

1. If this is a FIRST time then you HAVE to install software on their PC.  Neither OSX Remote Access or Windows Remote Desktop are pre-activated anymore and due to security risks they have to be manually activated in any case (more in point 2).  All the remote support tools like TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, WebEx etc. come in installer form and most browsers now have AutoRun for downloaded installers disabled or at least it is harder than it used to be to activate an installer from within the browser.  As a result you have to tell your client after downloading how to run the installer.
2. Due to the prevalence of "Tech Support" scams I can see Windows and OSX etc. further tightening the running of remote support tools as they are used to con people out of money on a daily basis.  Expect the installation and activation of remote support tools to get more complex in the next few years

Your options ..
1. If you're serious about remote support then I'd agree with nappy_d and have a commercial license with Teamviewer (or alternatives) where you have a customised and streamlined remote support installer tool.  This is usually easier to install, less steps in the install process and more likely to bypass the strengthening security checks from the OS as it is from a trusted provider.  Personally I used LogMeIn custom installer for years until they upped their prices and I left them.
2. Prepare a short video clip or screenshots for the main browsers showing how to download and locate and run the installer on Windows and OSX .. include that to your clients to assist them in following your steps.
3. Outside the box options ...
Skype and some other Chat Tools now have screen-sharing built-in .. so if the client is on Skype you don't need Teamviewer you can work with the screen sharing in the Chat tool
Facetime or video chat on phone .. call the client on Facetime ... they point their phone at the screen and you see what they see and instruct them on what to do while you watch .. this can get you over some hurdles.

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furunoAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

Some great ideas there.

I really like the TeamViewer suggestion (NappyD) but also the idea of using screenshots / video and the screen sharing ability of  Skype. Thanks Eoin.
Skype is only video shares.  You can't take control.
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