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Gmail to Exchange On-prem 2016 migration

We are moving from G-suite to an on-premises Exchange server.  I was able to configure Gmail to sent mail to both the Gmail account and the Outlook account, so incoming messages are in both mailboxes.  The issue we're having is when a user that has been migrated sends a message to someone who has not, the message is not delivered to the recipients Gmail account so they never receive the message. I've attempted using a send connector to relay to Gmail, still only delivers to the Exchange mailbox.  I've attempted to redirect, but since both have the same domain, it still only delivers via the Exchange to Exchange mailbox.  

Does anyone have a solution that would allow internal messages to be delivered to both the Exchange mailbox and the Gmail inbox?  We are using O365 licensing and are having trouble rolling out to users who do not have admin rights to their PC's.  So we've been delayed on getting this pushed out.  Our corporate office has been manually upgraded but we still have 31 remote sites to find a way to roll out.
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