Two CyberPower UPS's  1350AVR screens blink blue even though batteries replaced

Jeff swicegood
Jeff swicegood used Ask the Experts™
I have CyberPower UPS's  1350AVR. The screens just started blinking blue. (They were a few weeks apart in starting this behavior). So I replaced the batteries in one of them, but the behavior remained.

I tried the new batteries in the other with the same result.

They still pass power and surge protection I guess.

One of them has had probably too much load on it, but I reduced it after it started blinking. The other has only had a small router as the only load.

When I press the bottom (menu) button The screen comes on for a few seconds and then it (both of them) beeps and goes back to blinking.
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Principal Software Engineer
There are several possibilities to check out.

First, don't spend $500 of your company's time troubleshooting $250 worth of UPSs that should be replaced every four years anyway.  Then, if your time doesn't factor into the issue ...

a) The UPSs may not be charging the batteries.
b) The batteries may be new but bad.
c) The UPSs electronics may have failed.
d) The UPSs may have a timer in them that counts battery life, and the timer has run out.

Read the manual and see if there's a battery life timer.  If so, see if it can be reset.

Pull the batteries out, take them to the local equivalent of Batteries Plus, and have them check the batteries for both voltage and load.

If none of the above apply, go to fleabay and buy good used APC UPSs to replace the CyberPower units with, preferably units that use the same batteries, and chalk it up to experience.  I've dealt with CyberPower in the past and their support for "legacy" products is fleeting.  APC stuff is built to last.
Jeff swicegoodTechnician


Thank you for that. Yes, just recently life revealed to me when I bought an APC that APC is much better.

I'm not paid for this but it does seem hardly worth the time, you are right about that.

I did not know that there might be some APC's that take the same batteries. I will research that.

Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Even if the batteries you've got don't fit an APC unit that you like, you can always have jumper cables built to use the batteries outside the APC chassis.  As long as they have the same or better amp-hour capacity, it should be all right.

As a side note:  "Sealed" lead-acid batteries do lose water as they sit unused in a UPS due to heat and electrolysis.  I crack the lids on mine once a year and top up the battery cells with distilled water.  This seems to get an extra two years of life beyond the expected three or four years, and the batteries deliver their rated current for a longer part of their working life.  (No electrolyte over half the plates = half the current.)

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