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I have a question, it may seem odd. I am adept at Hyper-V, just need to verify if my thoughts are correct.

I have 3 MS Hyper-V hosts. I have 3 Domains. Currently only 2 of the 3 Domains are in use.
We will call them Domain A,B,C.
Domain A is broken, the old I.T. company had shared permissions to sysvol all messed up and cryptolocker ate them alive. This Domain has 2 Hosts with all the production servers.
Domain B is a domain i need to decommission because the company bought out this company, however they still need access to one app server in the domain.
Domain C is a fresh Domain i created to start them off with a clean slate.

I would normally build a trust relationship to move the host and VM's around, but Domain A is to broken for that scenario.

Now for the question can I join the Hosts from Domain A and B into C, without any major repercussions on the current infrastructure. I need to Open a host up for Vmware conversion, while leaving the Domains intact for the moment. Remember A wont talk to anyone properly and I run into a permissions issue when trying to manage the hosts from any other Domain.

I am up for suggestions!

Thank You,
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You can rejoin the Hyper-V hosts to any domain without repercussion to the running VM's - apart from of course when you have to reboot the host to complete the domain change.  The Virtual machines can then be paused, and resumed when the host is rebooted.  There is no other ties between VM's and Hyper-V hosts apart from their own VM configuration - and that is stored on file system and not in any Active Directory anywhere.

The above is only true if there is no Hyper-V Cluster and you're using Cluster Shared Volumes - in which case you are going to have to destroy the cluster, join the hosts to the new domain, and create a new cluster.  You'll also then have to storage migrate the VM's from the cluster shared storage to non shared storage.


This is the information needed! Thank you for your insight!

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