Customizing XML with Powershell

I need to generate an XML file with user data from AD. The customer needs to get the data in a format where the object names are converted from their original names (i.e. Description is coverted to Comment).

This I accomplish with this script
$me    = Get-ADUser `
            -identity b012345 `
            -Properties `
                description, `
                SID,  `
                description,  `
                Name,  `
                samAccountName,  `
                ObjectClass,  `
                Enabled,  `
                PasswordNotRequired,  `
                CannotChangePassword,  `
                PasswordNeverExpires,  `
                LockedOut |
            Select `

$meXML = $me | ConvertTo-Xml

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Unfortunately the output doesn't quite meet the customers needs.
This is the output:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <Object Type="System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject">
            <Property Type="System.String" Name="Name">B012345</Property>
            <Property Type="System.String" Name="Full_name">Kasper Katzmann</Property>
            <Property Type="System.String" Name="Comment">pw</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier" Name="Id">S-1-5-21-2105555113-1573851820-874322375-112263</Property>
            <Property Type="System.String" Name="AccountType">Normal</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Boolean" Name="AccountPropsEnabled">False</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Boolean" Name="AccountPropsPasswdRequired">True</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Boolean" Name="AccountPropsPasswdCantChange">False</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Boolean" Name="AccountPropsPasswdDontExpire">False</Property>
            <Property Type="System.Boolean" Name="AccountPropsCurrentlyLockedOut">False</Property>

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What the customer really want's is this:
    <Full_name>Kasper Katzmann</Full_name>

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So my primary question is, how do I strip the output to meet the expectations and secondary, how do I convert "True" and "False" to "1" and "0"
Kasper KatzmannSeniorkonsulentAsked:
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Note that in your script, you swapped the values for 'AccountPropsEnabled' and 'AccountPropsPasswdRequired'. Furthermore, the customer attribute is 'AccountPropsPasswdRequired', while the AD attribute is 'PasswordNotRequired', so the logic needs to be reversed for that.
And just in case: note that XML is case sensitive, so make sure to spell the node names exactly as defined by the customer.
Function ConvertTo-CustomXml($ADUser) {
	$xml = [xml]"<User />"
	$NodeUser = $xml.SelectSingleNode('/User')
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("Name"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = $ADUser.samAccountName
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("Full_name"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = $ADUser.Name
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("Comment"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = $ADUser.description
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("Id"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = $ADUser.SID
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountType"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = 'Normal'
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountPropsEnabled"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = If ($ADUser.Enabled) {1} Else {0}
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountPropsPasswdRequired"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = If ($ADUser.PasswordNotRequired) {0} Else {1}
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountPropsPasswdCantChange"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = If ($ADUser.CannotChangePassword) {1} Else {0}
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountPropsPasswdDontExpire"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = If ($ADUser.PasswordNeverExpires) {1} Else {0}
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("AccountPropsCurrentlyLockedOut"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = If ($ADUser.LockedOut) {1} Else {0}
	$NewNode = $NodeUser.AppendChild($xml.CreateElement("GroupIds"))
	$NewNode.InnerText = (@(513) + ($ADUser.MemberOf | Get-ADGroup | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sid | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Value | ForEach-Object {$_.Split('-')[-1]})) -join ','
	Return $xml

$me = Get-ADUser -Identity jdoe -Properties `

$meXML = ConvertTo-CustomXml -ADUser $me

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Kasper KatzmannSeniorkonsulentAuthor Commented:
Thats pretty fantastic :-)
Thank you very much
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