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can I ask what benefits there are in attaching non (easily) removable asset tags from laptop devices in relation to asset management. Our IT are looking into attaching some more fixed asset tags to laptops, but I am struggling really to see the benefits. Granted the current tags are practically a sticker which can be removed but I don't really see how that makes the device less susceptible to theft. Unless there may be another obvious benefit someone can think of?
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You can add RFID tag inside case like under battery.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
If somebody is going to steal a laptop, they're going to steal it regardless of whether it has a tag on it or not, regardless of whether it's marked "THIS LAPTOP IS PROTECTED BY LOJACK", regardless of the age or model.  Once stolen, it can always be thrown in the nearest dumpster if it can't be flogged to a pawn store.  Every year laptops are stolen from the FBI marked "PROPERTY OF U.S. GOVERNMENT" and that's about as dumb a thief as they can get.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)
Asset tags are usually stored in the bios as well as on the sticker outside the computer, like mention above if someone is going to steal it, then they are going to steal it.
Lojack can be circumvented, one sure-way of preventing theft is to lock the bios, I know Lenovo bios lock works makes device useless.
Distinguished Expert 2018
Tamper resistant tags don't make assets harder it steal, it makes them easier to identify in the event of a theft. Other technologies makes them easier to track. But do not let anyone misguide you and say that anything is 100 percent effective. Nothing is. And let's be honest, pawn shops are very shady businesses, so they may not report stolen goods even if they knowingly did have them.

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