How to Implement fuzzy logic on relational database?

Abdullah Alshehri
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I have already tables and I want to apply fuzzy logic on some attributes ( fuzzy sets , membership functions, fuzzification , defuzzification  ..etc) but I do not how to start. I have used SQL SERVER.
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Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
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Please give us more details. Usually, examples are good to help explain the requirements.
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It depends on the version of SQL Server.  If you have a higher end version of SQL, you could use the Similarity function available in Master Data Services.

For SQL versions 2008 + that don't offer MDS,  you can use SOUNDEX() and/or DIFFERENCE()

Or, you could use the Fuzzy Lookup in SSIS, or use TSQL to perform various algorithms (Levenshtein, Jaccard, etc).  Many of these algorithms have example functions available on the web.

Here is a good general article that discusses both MDS and various fuzzy logic algorithms:

To get examples of these algorithms, just google for "TSQL Levenshtein", or whatever algorithm you're interested in.

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