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  I am using windows 7 machine.Some time i was facing issue of Network adapter disconnected symbol in the taskbar. after restart the machine it will work fine after that again some time facing same issue.each & every time i was restart my machine.What should i do?

  That time disable the network adapter & then enable the network adapter also but not working .every time i was restart my machine it will work.My network cables also good.i was tried different LAN cable also.
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Did you check Drivers are upto  date and also make sure the Port is not loose on the machine.
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Did you try removing the adapter and reinstalling it?  Also if this is at home you can also try rebooting cable modem and router.


My drivers are updated.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Usually simple things cause the most headaches....have you test/change you network outlet ...? or if you are connected to small switch (5-8 port) try to replace the switch..

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