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Exchange 2010 Email Address linked with wrong profile


We have an issue with a new user taking over an email address.

User1 needs to have and user2 needs to have

Under User1 in exchange console they have and admin@domain.local
Under User2 in exchange console they have and user@domain.local

However, when internal emails are sent to admin@ they come up with User2's name in Outlook.
User2 used to have the address but it has been changed across this week.

From what I can see everything under Exchange looks fine. I have removed the effected address from AutoComplete on the client machine, restarted the Exchange Services and finally rebooted the server.

The Global address list still shows User2 to have admin@domain.local

Is there any where else other than where mentioned that the address list would pick up the domain.local from?
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Tom Cieslik
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You need to make sure that all fields in Exchange and AD are changed.

First and Last name
Display Name
Contact Information

Also go to Mailbox Delegation and make sure that User2 doesn't have Send As and Full rights to admin mailbox

Afer this changes double check User2 outlook settings and download again Global Address List to his outlook.
Go to Outlook Web Access, click new email and enter a full email address and admin@domain.local then press ctrl+k to resolve the name.

Verify the name resolve to user 2
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Alexei Kuznetsov
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All Experts should get equal points !!!
Usually updating OAB helps.