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domian network access


   I want access our office network from home in my laptop.How and what are the steps i should follow ? please advise me.

   For example:-My office network domain name was and my laptop also connected to that domain to access our office network like NAS,server database,services,etc..

  Please tell me what are the sets are follow to access our office network.please guide me.
  I know our DNS & Static Ip enough for access our network.please guide me
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I am not sure what level you are at your company. I would check with your tech team, if you have one, if they have a VPN solution in place. In my company we need permission to access network resources remotely. Go to my PC is something you can use. There is a cost involved but it may be something you want to look into.
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Vikas Bhat

A simple solution can as well be running a team-viewer session with secure credentials on any machine on your network which you in turn use to connect and gain access to network resources.
one way is to setup a VPN server end point at work, and then use your VPN connection from the laptop.
A less secure option is to allow inbound connection to an RDP server....

The range and scope of options depend on the resources available to you at work.
Some routers/firewalls are capable of VPN.
I agree with Edward, the first question is do you have permission and system administration capability to allow you to do so?  Setting up back doors to a corporate environment is a serious offence.