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Application.FileSearch does not work in excel 2016

I inherited some files from excel 2007 which no longer works, as i see application.filesearch was used.

sorry, cannot share the files here.

i searched alot and got even more confused on which option is the best to replace the outdated application.filesearch

some people say, dir is the option to use, but it does not work in sub folder.

downloaded http://dfenton.com/DFA/download/Access/FileSearch.zip  which is in access, but i cannot put it on use, it is in access and when i open it, it gives me 64bit access require PtrSafe
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35239054/FileSearch.cls   i do not know how to use this by Andreas Killer

http://bettersolutions.com/vba/files-directories/filesearch.htm   also some toturials but could not get my head around it.

http://www.codematic.net/excel-tools/office-2007-filesearch.htm  explains but has broken link

is there any class that i import in my file and it would just work exactly as the old one? or what is the best alternative solution to this?
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