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Shrink vmdk without additional storage space ESXi5.1

Hi Guys,
We have a VM running under ESXi5.1 with a second vmdk (so NOT the system disk) which has been defined way too large.
As we now need some of this "wasted" space back, I followed the excellent instructions in the following article:


All went well until I realised that the article says that we need to migrate/copy the VM to another datastore.. Hmm.. I only have 1 datastore and it's too full to allow a copy of this entire VM..

Is it necessary to copy the entire machine? Could I just copy the 1 vmdk?
Secondly, does it really need to be a separate datastore, or just another directory?
Do we actually need to copy/migrate it at all? (Someone in the comments of the other thread suggested that a simple reboot of the machine reduced the reported disk capacity after making the necessary edits).

Thanks in advance.

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