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Is there any software/editor I could use for creating a simple harness racing simulator with no requirements on graphics?

I found this game:

It's a type of track editor, and this type of software would be useful for me to create a simple harness racing simulator.

Is there any general purpose type of editor I could use for creating a simulator with no requirements on graphics but only on function and form? The harness racing tracks have the same general form (an oval), but differ in measurements (some have a circumference of 1,000 metres, others of 1,609 metres, others of 800 metres etc., and some are wider than others). So this editor should make it possible to adapt the simulator measurements according to real-life measurements for a harness racing track.

Furthermore, mostly the races are run counter-clockwise, but at one or two tracks the races are run clockwise. So I should be able to choose direction also.

There should be possibilities to add a wide range of parameters (speed of the horse, strength, driver skill etc.) and possible to run the race in short sections (stop and resume, stop and resume each 100 metres or 50 metres to adjust the parameters). And also, it should be possible to manually move the different horses (or icons for the horses and drivers) sidewise and lengthwise (to override the set parameters), and also to run the whole race automatically with the set parameters.

Is there any general purpose editor I could make use of for above purpose? For example, there is a circuit editor (circuit, like the circuit in computers and electronic devices).

The software could be either for Windows or Mac OS.
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I found this also:

Tried to contact the owner, but didn't get any reply. Is quite good.