Teradata SQL - Is it possible to take each line item and turn into column headers.

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I have this code which displays each DX number in one column.  I would like these to show in 5 different columns as the headers, is that possible?

      when dx.line = 1 then 'DX_1'      
      when dx.line = 2 then 'DX_2'      
            when dx.line = 3 then 'DX_3'      
            when dx.line = 4 then 'DX_4'      
            when dx.line = 5 then 'DX_5'      
            else 'N/A'      
end as "DX_Line"
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Typically you want to show some other value under each heading, but you give no clue as to what.

The most conventional way to "pivot data" if to use GROUP BY and aggregate functions such as MAX() e.g.

,  max(case when dx.line = 1 then somevaluehere end) DX_1
,  max(case when dx.line = 2 then somevaluehere end) DX_2
,  max(case when dx.line = 3 then somevaluehere end) DX_3
FROM sometables

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Thanks PortletPaul, this was very helpful.  I was able to obtain a report utilizing this format and the usage of max(case when...  to create a sub subquery in my existing report.

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