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Teradata SQL - Is it possible to take each line item and turn into column headers.

I have this code which displays each DX number in one column.  I would like these to show in 5 different columns as the headers, is that possible?

      when dx.line = 1 then 'DX_1'      
      when dx.line = 2 then 'DX_2'      
            when dx.line = 3 then 'DX_3'      
            when dx.line = 4 then 'DX_4'      
            when dx.line = 5 then 'DX_5'      
            else 'N/A'      
end as "DX_Line"
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Thanks PortletPaul, this was very helpful.  I was able to obtain a report utilizing this format and the usage of max(case when...  to create a sub subquery in my existing report.