SMTP Receive connector logging

I have an Exchange 2013 server with both roles installed. It is also our hybrid server for Office 365. I have setup a Receive connector for Relay use. The Connector works with all of my tests. The issue I am having is that the SMTP traffic will sometimes get logged and sometimes it does not. I cycled the transport services several times with the same result. I resaved my logging settings - with same result. All of a sudden it started logging the traffic again.

Trying to figure out why it would log sometimes and not others.

Any ideas?
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Bruno PACIIT ConsultantCommented:

Typically, the traffic that is not logged is probably receive by another Receive Connector.
The choice of the Receive Connector to process an incoming traffic depends of the characteristics of the incoming traffic (IP range, TLS negotiation, authentication given, etc...).
As an example, if you have 2 Receive Connectors, one that accept anonymous connections, and the other requires authenticated connections, and if both Receive Connectors may match other criterias (IP range, ...) then the choice of the Receive Connector used to process the traffic is made as soon as the incoming traffic gives authentication informations...

So I bet that your "missing" traffic is finally processed through another Receive Connector that does not log.

Enable logging temporarily on every frontend Receive Connector and you'll surely see your traffic in the log file, and you'll see the name of the Receive Connector that processed the traffic, and no doubt you will realize why this incoming traffic use another Receive Connector.

Have a nice day.

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