vb.net Configuration, settings file location?

I have a vb.net winforms application. I compiled and published it. Then I copied publish folder to another computer. It runs fine.
But I would like change settings in the configuration file. How can I do this? Where can I find location of the Configuration file. I am referring to settings one can create and put in properties (right click on project), settings tab.
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
It should in the same location the application exe fille is located.
from the .net ide you can find it here:
config file
Add reference to System.Configuration
Dim config = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.

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Change UserLevel as you need. See this article for more details
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Jess31Author Commented:
I get msg ConfigurationManager is not a member of System.Configuration and ConfigurationUserLevel is not a member of System.Configuration
Jess31Author Commented:
This properties shows me where it puts it on my computer, and does not allow me to change it.
kaufmed   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*whispers*  I C# people.Commented:
How are the settings scoped? Application-scoped settings will be in the config file the others have mentioned; user-scoped settings will be in a config file found under the current user's profile folder (i.e. AppData).
Jess31Author Commented:
I have scoped both ways with same results.
I get msg ConfigurationManager is not a member of System.Configuration and ConfigurationUserLevel is not a member of System.Configuration
Repeat: Add reference to System.Configuration Go to project properties -> references ->add-> .Net tab, and choose System.Configuration

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