Postgresql: Import csv constant errors, how to fix?

I am using Navicat and I (finally) have Postgresql running.

I accept defaults as
Record delimiter LF
Text qualifier " (there aren't any - maybe there should be)

Error Message: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type timestamp: "01:28:00"
LINE 1: ...','180480','','','1','2','1','1','1987-01-05','2','01:28:00'...

[Msg] [Imp] Processed: 49, Added: 0, Updated: 0, Deleted: 0, Error: 1
[Msg] [Imp] Finished - Unsuccessfully

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So I make both date and time field varchar and try again:

Error Message: ERROR:  malformed array literal: "5/1/1987"
LINE 1: ...1AD00002','529950','180480','','','1','2','1','1','5/1/1987'...
DETAIL:  Array value must start with "{" or dimension information.

[Msg] [Imp] Processed: 49, Added: 0, Updated: 0, Deleted: 0, Error: 1
[Msg] [Imp] Finished - Unsuccessfully

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and the query is I think: (not written by me I hasten to add, by Navicat)

[Msg] [Imp] Import start
[Msg] [Imp] Import type - CSV
[Msg] [Imp] Import from - /Users/ADM/Sync/6-Process01/accXtract.csv
[Msg] [Imp] Create table [accXtract]
[Msg] [Imp] Import table [accXtract]
[Err] [Imp] Cannot insert rows 1 - 49:
Query: insert into "public"."accXtract" ("Accident_Index","Location_Easting_OSGR","Location_Northing_OSGR","Longitude","Latitude","Police_Force","Accident_Severity","Number_of_Vehicles","Number_of_Casualties","Date","Day_of_Week","Time","Local_Authority_District","Local_Authority_Highway","1st_Road_Class","1st_Road_Number","Road_Type","Speed_limit","Junction_Detail","Junction_Control","2nd_Road_Class","2nd_Road_Number","Pedestrian_Crossing-Human_Control","Pedestrian_Crossing-Physical_Facilities","Light_Conditions","Weather_Conditions","Road_Surface_Conditions","Special_Conditions_at_Site","Carriageway_Hazards","Urban_or_Rural_Area","Did_Police_Officer_Attend_Scene_of_Accident","LSOA_of_Accident_Location","ACCREF","ACCMTH","A8M","ACCDAY","A8H","ACCYR","MONTH","Location_5Easting_OSGR","Location_5Northing_OSGR") values 

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Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAsked:
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Bernard SavonetCIOCommented:
It seems that you have a (typical, classical and awful) problem of dates handling.

On your first example, the target field expects a time stamp while you deliver a (hour) string, but the day field seems fine
On your second example, you have changed the day format to a string format different from your first example, and this creates the error.

My suggestion:
- keep the input fields unchanged
- keep the (export) day field as it was in the first example
- test the impact of changing the (export) hour format to a timestamp value insted of a date value
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAuthor Commented:
Can't I set the dates and times to some other type? I don't need them. What type though? I tried "varchar" (thinking that might be a sort of catchall)  and that made no difference. It sounds like the system is deciding and I have to comply properly whereas I'd like to comply not at all.

I don't understand the bit where you write about "export" because I am trying to import only.
I did notice it didn't seem to like the seconds part of the time; I could delete those I think (AWK to the rescue)

Maybe the penny will drop over a cuppa tea.
earth man2Commented:
If a column is defined as a timestamp type then it is expecting both a date and a time.  There is a specific TIME type for time on its own.

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Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAuthor Commented:
ah! thank you. It's being auto set, so when it's seeing either a date OR a time it's assuming both - I guess. I'll see.


[Msg] [Imp] Import start
[Msg] [Imp] Import type - CSV
[Msg] [Imp] Import from - /Users/ADM/Sync//5-CombineBOTH/accEXT.csv
[Msg] [Imp] Create table [accEXT]
[Msg] [Imp] Import table [accEXT]
[Msg] [Imp] Processed: 585, Added: 585, Updated: 0, Deleted: 0, Error: 0
[Msg] [Imp] Finished - Successfully

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That was on an extract of the file.. but the one that failed also works. Will try the full size file.

Tables 1
Processed 5,434,484
Errors 150
Added 5,425,230
Update 0
Deleted 0
Time 1523.64s

and the extract form the end is:

insert into "public"."acc" ("Accident_Index","Location_Easting_OSGR","Location_Northing_OSGR","Longitude","Latitude","Police_Force","Accident_Severity","Number_of_Vehicles","Number_of_Casualties","Date","Day_of_Week","Time","Local_Authority_(District)","Local_Authority_(Highway)","1st_Road_Class","1st_Road_Number","Road_Type","Speed_limit","Junction_Detail","Junction_Control","2nd_Road_Class","2nd_Road_Number","Pedestrian_Crossing-Human_Control","Pedestrian_Crossing-Physical_Facilities","Light_Conditions","Weather_Conditions","Road_Surface_Conditions","Special_Conditions_at_Site","Carriageway_Hazards","Urban_or_Rural_Area","Did_Police_Officer_Attend_Scene_of_Accident","LSOA_of_Accident_Location","ACCREF","ACCMTH","A8M","ACCDAY","A8H","ACCYR","MONTH","Location_5Easting_OSGR","Location_5Northing_OSGR") values ('2011921200188','323460','870490','-3.286473','57.717724','92','3','3','2','2011-12-18','1','21:35:00','930','S12000020','3','941','6','30','6','4','6','0','0','0','4','1','2','0','0','2','1','','921200188','12','35','18','21','2011','24150','32346','87049');
insert into "public"."acc" ("Accident_Index","Location_Easting_OSGR","Location_Northing_OSGR","Longitude","Latitude","Police_Force","Accident_Severity","Number_of_Vehicles","Number_of_Casualties","Date","Day_of_Week","Time","Local_Authority_(District)","Local_Authority_(Highway)","1st_Road_Class","1st_Road_Number","Road_Type","Speed_limit","Junction_Detail","Junction_Control","2nd_Road_Class","2nd_Road_Number","Pedestrian_Crossing-Human_Control","Pedestrian_Crossing-Physical_Facilities","Light_Conditions","Weather_Conditions","Road_Surface_Conditions","Special_Conditions_at_Site","Carriageway_Hazards","Urban_or_Rural_Area","Did_Police_Officer_Attend_Scene_of_Accident","LSOA_of_Accident_Location","ACCREF","ACCMTH","A8M","ACCDAY","A8H","ACCYR","MONTH","Location_5Easting_OSGR","Location_5Northing_OSGR") values ('2011921200193','394230','806020','-2.096969','57.145101','92','3','1','1','2011-11-21','2','17:36:00','910','S12000033','3','93','3','30','0','-1','-1','0','0','0','4','1','1','0','0','1','1','','921200193','11','36','21','17','2011','24153','39423','80602')
Error Message: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type time: ""
LINE 5: ...66','57.142932','92','3','2','1','2011-12-03','7','','910','...

[Msg] [Imp] Processed: 5434484, Added: 5425230, Updated: 0, Deleted: 0, Error: 150
[Msg] [Imp] Finished - Unsuccessfully

and this is the line from the csv file:

Bernard SavonetCIOCommented:
the receiving part is expecting a time (not date) value at this place...
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAuthor Commented:
that's what I was thinking, but how has it accepted 5 million previously ?

I'll just add the error line and the two before it here to compare:


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I cannot see any difference between lines 1 and 2 versus 3

can the text as seen at the hex level have an impact? and looking at the file in hex I can't see any odd characters around the date of the time: but I have plagued myself with file compatibility errors during this work.

comparison from the navicat import log above

previous line accepted, second line rejected


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I'm stripping out the colons from the whole file and will try an import without specifying the time format.

edit 6 million "find and replaces" is taking a while...

light dawns. Removing the colons reduces the errors from 150 to 44. There were 44 files of one type incorporated in to this file. A quick search on their (old) headings reveals that I have combined i.e. not excluded line one of each file and within my 6 million records are 44 surplus headers. I suppose thanks are to Navicat for spotting this.
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAuthor Commented:
In the end I deleted the date and time fields altogether, then the import worked.
Bernard SavonetCIOCommented:
Glad you eventually solved the problem. The repeated / extra headers have probablu not made things easier.

Note also that depending on how you import such a huge file, problems might arise from various time limits: if possible, avoid making a single huge import, that will help you to have at least not that possible source of trouble.
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantAuthor Commented:
Thanks - hadn't occurred to me there may be timeouts.
I'm still perplexed about how the headers got in there, because I combined  52 files all with headers and there were only 44 duplicates.. so either I set the ignore row one or I didn't and yet it seems I did both!
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