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Sekhar Purimetla

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Need batch script to copy between different ISP's

Hi All,

I need a help in writing batch script..I am not aware of the writing batch script.i am explaining my requirement as below

1)We have excel file which needs to be copied from system x to system y.both the systems are in different networks
2) script should check the existance for the excel for that day and it should copy to system y.
3)if file not exists it should try after 15 min and if it is exists after 15 min it should copy otherwise if  excel file not exists it should try again after 15 min  to copy .if excel exists for that day it should copy otherwise it should send a mail .

Please help me in achieving this requirement as i have zero knowledge in the batch script.
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Nitin Sontakke
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You mention that "different network" then how to copy? FTP?
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Solution provided and follow up requested.