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Michael Meeks
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I have a simple Winforms App - with a database with 2 tables (tableOne TableTwo)
The form has 1 textbox that is bound to the dataset for tableOne.
There is no coding at this time.  
Run the program - Textbox shows the first record of the tableOne

The form has 1 button that says change table.
However, (when coding) - when I attempt to change TextBox from one table to another,
all I get is errors.

The database is the same - there is only 2 tables - how can I switch between the two tables for
textbox to display - when I click the button?

Thank You!
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Strictly speaking TextBox can not be bound to "Table" or "Record". It's bound to table (record) field (column). When you say "There is no coding at this time" - it's incorrect also - the code is in form designer. It's look smth like this:
Dim ds As New DataSet
Dim da1 As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM Table1", connString)
da1.Fill(ds, "Table1")
Dim da2 As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM Table2", connString)
da2.Fill(ds, "Table2")
Dim bs As New BindingSource(ds, "Table1")
TextBox1.DataBindings.Add("Text", bs, "ColumnName")

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If both tables have same ColumName you can just  change bs.dataMember:
bs.dataMember = "Table2"

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Otherwise you need reset TextBox1.DataBindings (I suggest using second bindinSource for that):
Dim bs2 As New BindingSource(ds, "Table2")
Private Sub Button_Click(s,e) Handles....
     Dim bs = If(TextBox1.DataSource Is bs1, bs2, bs1)
     Dim colName = If(TextBox1.DataSource Is bs1, "AnotherColumnNAme", "ColumnName")
    ' or
    ' TextBox1.DataBindings.RemoveAt(0)
     TextBox1.DataBindings.Add("Text", bs, colName)
End Sub

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Michael MeeksSystems Manager


Thank You !   Although VB2017 - doesn't like your (method 2 shown) - since in 2017 it has changed.

IDE0017 Object initialization can be simplified pops up.

BC30455 Argument no specidifed for parmeter "metadataChange of 'Public Overloads Sub ResetBindings(metadataChanged as boolean)

When I remove method 2 - these both go away!

Strange,  But I do thank you for steering me in the right direction.  It's a big help.

Thank You!
(Error) BC30455 Argument no specidifed for parmeter "metadataChange of 'Public Overloads Sub ResetBindings(metadataChanged as boolean)
Sorry, should be bs.ResetBindings(False)

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