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Microsoft Excel takes long time opening documents.

Greetings All!

I have been working on a particular user's issue with Excel for some time now and have exhausted pretty much any leads I can find or think of and would like to pose this to the group. This issue has been consistent even though we changed out a good laptop for a newer and better build; so we can rule out (I think) the PC.

The PC is a Dell Latitude 3550, Intel i5-5200 2.2GHz Processor, 8GB Memory, 64-bit Windows 7 Professional and the version of Excel in question is Office 365 (2016).

The problem is that it takes a very long time to open documents. Documents will also close down (closing all of Excel down with it) leaving no error messages and nothing in the Event Viewer that would aid in troubleshooting. While documents open, there is a message which I am not sure whether it is relevant that states "Calculating (4 processor(s))". This only affects this user. No one else has these troubles working with Excel documents. The user has the same network rights as anyone else on the staff.

The problem persists whether she opens a document residing on her computer or a network share. It happens whether she is in the office or at home connected via VPN.

Here is what we have done to troubleshoot (none of which were done for any particular reason other than to rule out):
  1. Repair Office
  2. Remove Office/Reinstall
  3. Scan for Virus/Malware/Spyware
  4. Ensure all network locations set as Trusted Locations
  5. Ultimately, Performed factory Restore on NEW PC and manually loaded everything back into PC
  6. Dropped new Ethernet cable run from Network Switch to PC
  7. Windows Updates
  8. Office Updates
  9. Drivers all updated
  10. Created new user on Domain
  11. Created new PC profile

PCs use Microsoft Security Essentials; Servers use Trend-Micro. None of my other 100+ users have this issue. The issue cannot be duplicated by any other user. I'm pretty stumped and ready for some fresh opinions. I appreciate any help on this subject. Thank You,

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Do all users have the same office version? Does she have extra add-ons? Try disabling all.
run Excel in safe mode see if that speeds things up.
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We have a split as far as versions as we are transitioning. So, that being said, we have users on OFC365 and users on Office 2007 Enterprise.

I have tried running excel with no add-ons and it makes no difference.

I am planning a "tactics" session this week by trying any new solutions on her PC. I will add Safe-Mode to that list to check the behavior. She is an accounting controller and they are working on Month-End from Feb so I cannot get on her work station today. Will post back the Safe-Mode result. Thanks,
Also, in the past I found the printer drivers may cause the same issues with Excel files opening. Try changing the driver and see if that helps.
I did just ask her to try the Safe-Mode option and as we did, the files take just as long to open in Safe-Mode as they do in regular mode. I am hoping to get dedicated time with her PC tomorrow in which case, I will look to be sure all of her printer drivers are up to date. I will then report back. Thank You,
For the printer driver if she is using PCL 6 try PCL 5 or vice versa.
Regarding the printer driver, I usually try and use the latest PCL6 and never the PCL5. I do not have a particular reason for doing this, I just think/thought PCL6 was more up to date and the better option to use. Additionally, the printers are Kyocera and they have a setup program that installs everything necessary automatically (I know..leaving it to the manufacturer to do the right thing..crazy). That being said, i will need to see what Kyocera is dishing as far as the PCL.
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Arana (G.P.)

Does this happen also with local files? I remember previous office versions to have a problem with excel loaging network files, there was ms fix it patch for this.
Arana - Yes, it does not matter whether the file is on the network or on the PC. Thank You,
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Arana (G.P.)

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I am giving the solution to the author since he fixed the issue himself, and assisted points to Arana for supplying great suggestions in her comments.