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Server 1 Windows Server 2016 - DC, DNS, DHCP
Server -2 Windows Server 2012 - DC, DNS, DHCP

Between two DHCP servers I have configured Load balanced (50/50) failover.
Time to time I get this Event:

A BINDING-ACK message with transaction id: 61 was sent for IP address: with reject reason: (Reject Reason Unknown) to partner server: Server2.domain.local for failover relationship: Server 2  to Server1.

I looked in the DHCP and I dont see that IP address leased to someone.
Please let me know if you had this experience
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Systems Engineer
I would review the included Microsoft KB below, it describes your situation and the resolution is to install some patches on the 2012 server.

Link:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2955135/event-id-20291-is-logged-in-the-system-log-when-a-client-computer-is-moved-to-a-different-ip-network

I to see this error on my Windows 2012 R2 DHCP server that are setup in a load-balanced setup. I did try to install the hotfix mention before a while back but did not apply.My servers see to  be running fine by never found a solution to this and think it is white noise right now.

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