Event 7023, Service Control Manager - Data Sharing Service is failing

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Sometimes I get this error in the Event manager of my Windows Server 2016  HyperV host.
It looks like Data Sharing Service is failing.
I am not 100% sure why it is failing and where do I use Data Sharing service?

Currently this service is not Started and set to be started Manually.
What is the preferred settings for this service?
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In Windows 2016 Hyper-V Data Sharing Service is used for virtual disk sharing
You can now resize shared virtual hard disks (.vhdx files) used for guest clustering, without downtime. Shared virtual hard disks can be grown or shrunk while the virtual machine is online. Guest clusters can now also protect shared virtual hard disks by using Hyper-V Replica for disaster recovery.

On server 2012 and older to resize vhdx disk you had to shot down virtual computer who was using disk. In Windows 2016 you can resize shared disk when all machines are online.
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Thank you very much for detailed explanation. I really appreciate that.
Since I am not using Clustering in this environment, is it safe to start the service and make it to Start automatically to eliminate Error in the event log?

Thank you
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017

I think Yes, but sometimes it's better get error in event log if you know what is about and safe server resources by not running services that you'll never use.

Decision is your :)

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