Should I get Windows server 2012 or 2016 certification?

Thomas N
Thomas N used Ask the Experts™
Which path would you go? Also how would I get a trial version so I can study on it?
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Team Lead RRS Desk
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For me personally, I would always go with the latest and greatest. The link for it is below. You need to sign in with your Microsoft account to get it.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
A 2016 certification will last you longer.

Microsoft has some virtual labs you can use to get your hands dirty, if you like.
Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSPInformation Systems Security Engineer
It's typically better to try to stay with the most up to date technology, so I would suggest 2016.

Exam info

MS Virtual Academy
Scott CSenior Engineer
As said above...2016

Here is where you can d/l your evaluation copy.

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