operation must be an updateable query

i have a button called set to processed, i also have a field on a linked table called processed which is a bit field. I want to update this  to a 1 when clicked on the button based on some where conditions.

this is my query

Private Sub Set_To_Processed_Click()
task = " UPDATE [dbo_Load Table] INNER JOIN WorkTable ON [dbo_Load Table].ID = WorkTable.ID SET Processed = 1" _
& " WHERE (((WorkTable.[Pay Group])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Pay Group])) OR (((WorkTable.[Pay Group Description])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Pay Group Description])) OR (((WorkTable.[General Ledger Account])<>[dbo_Load Table].[General Ledger Account])) OR (((WorkTable.[General Ledger Cost Center])<>[dbo_Load Table].[General Ledger Cost Center])) OR (((WorkTable.[General Ledger Department])<>[dbo_Load Table].[General Ledger Department])) OR (((WorkTable.[Work Center])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Work Center])) OR (((WorkTable.[Pay Period Ending Date])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Pay Period Ending Date])) OR (((WorkTable.Hours)<>[dbo_Load Table].[Hours])) OR (((WorkTable.Amount)<>[dbo_Load Table].[Amount]) OR ((WorkTable.Week)<>[dbo_Load Table].[Week]) OR ((WorkTable.[Pay Type Code])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Pay Type Code]) OR ((WorkTable.[Pay Type Description])<>[dbo_Load Table].[Pay Type Description]) OR ((WorkTable.[File Number])<>[dbo_Load Table].[File Number]) OR ((WorkTable.Name)<>[dbo_Load Table].[Name])" _
& " OR ((WorkTable.[HOURLY SALARY])<>[dbo_Load Table].[HOURLY SALARY]) OR ((WorkTable.[FULL TIME_PART TIME])<>[dbo_Load Table].[FULL TIME_PART TIME]) OR ((WorkTable.ACTIVE_INACTIVE)<>[dbo_Load Table].[ACTIVE_INACTIVE]) OR ((WorkTable.[HOURLY RATE])<>[dbo_Load Table].[HOURLY RATE]));"
DoCmd.RunSQL (task)
End Sub

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but i get the above error, i looked online they said it might have to do with some permission on the database file or the folder and i checked that and i have read-write access.

any help will be greatly appreciated.
Aravind RanganathanWindows Application DeveloperAsked:
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I assume you are connecting to SQL is that correct?

Do you have any other Update queries running without errors?
Make sure both tables have primary keys defined.
Make sure that one of the join fields is a primary key so the query engine can determine the relationship between the tables.
Aravind RanganathanWindows Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Tusitala yes i am connecting to Sql Server, no this is my only update query
Aravind RanganathanWindows Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
PatHartman yes i have primary key defined on the join fields but it still does'nt run even when i run on GUI i am getting the same error.
Create a new query that uses the exact join used in your update query.  If you open a recordset of that query, can you update the records?  

If Processed appears in both tables, you need to qualify it with the table name.  I never create static SQL using VBA.  I always use querydefs.  It makes the SQL easier to test.

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