Codeigniter Query Help Returning JSON

How do I return the results of a query as JSON echo to screen?
John S.Web DeveloperAsked:
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Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
Assuming your model performs the query, it just returns the resulting set using json_encode to the controller. This one encapsulates the result into something like $data["json_result"] and pass it to the view wich then will echoes it. If you can post some code I'll probably cane give you a better help.
John S.Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Okay this is an example of the query I want to run:

SELECT * FROM (`userorderdetails`) WHERE `detail_userid` = '13' AND `detail_refnum` = '11' AND `detail_userid` = '13' OR `detail_jobnumber` = '11' AND `detail_userid` = '13' OR `detail_custref` = '11' AND `detail_userid` = '13' ORDER BY `detail_pickupdate` desc

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and I need the results for this Jquery Autocomplete call:

    var searchValue=$( "#search_quotes" ).val();
        name: 'searchValue'        
    function(data, status){
        alert("Data: " + data + "\nStatus: " + status);

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and here what my NON WORKING USERS model looks like:

        $id = $_SESSION['userId'];

    	$this->db->where('detail_userid', $id);

        $search_string  = $_POST['searchValue'];  // IS THIS RIGHT? ARE WE GETTING THIS FROM AJAX?
    	$this->db->where('detail_refnum', $search)->where('detail_userid', $id);
    	$this->db->or_where('detail_jobnumber', $search)->where('detail_userid', $id);
    	$this->db->or_where('detail_custref', $search)->where('detail_userid', $id);


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Thank you.
Ray PaseurCommented:
To this comment...
PHP has a built-in function (and sometimes frameworks wrap this function in another function) that displays the contents of variables.  You can use var_dump($_POST) to see what you are getting from the jQuery AJAX $.post() request.

In Laravel, which seems to have supplanted CodeIgniter for all new development over the past few years, there is the handy dd() method.
Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
The problem is here:

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You can't in CodeIgniter call an external script this way. You have instead to call a controller method which will process tha ajax call. So in your controller you should create something like
public function search_invoice_auto(){
    $search_value = $_POST['name'];
//    call model function passing $search_value and get results
    $data['result'] = $this->model_name->do_search($search_value);
//    thewn pass data to the view

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Hope this help.

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Oliver RussellCommented:
For this you will have to download and install CURL library for codeigniter first. Codeigniter CURL can be downloaded from github repo and then can be loaded using following command:


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Next, you can use Post to send JSON notation. Data can displayed in JSON using display_override hook controller.
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