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Unable to access VM console from vSphere ?

Hi All,

I'm unable to display the vSPhere VM console from my laptop to the remote ESXi host.

vSphere error
This is the below Port testing result:

Starting portqry.exe -n -e 902,903 -p BOTH ...

Querying target system called:

Attempting to resolve IP address to a name...

Failed to resolve IP address to name


TCP port 902 (unknown service): FILTERED
UDP port 902 (unknown service): LISTENING or FILTERED
TCP port 903 (unknown service): FILTERED
UDP port 903 (unknown service): LISTENING or FILTERED
portqry.exe -n -e 902,903 -p BOTH exits with return code 0x00000002.

Does it means there is firewall or routing rule to be fixed here ?
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