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Adding a Domain problem in Office 365

Dear All

              I have a domain name want to add into Office 365, and i have a custom public DNS, which is running a window server partform, and i have been following below youtube to create MX, TXT, CNAME & SVR records in the 2 DNS servers, after that i do a verify DNS in office 365 admin console, i getting all record missing errors, and you can see the bottom 2 screenshot which is my DNS record setting in window servers, is there anything that i have done wrong ? any help would be appreicated !


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i have corrected the excessive space for SVR record, by looking at my steps to created DNS records, does it looks correct to you ?
They look OK, but they need to be resolvable externally, so wait for replication and check via the google DNS or any of the free DNS tools available on the net.
yes i have tried to resolved by different remote site, it could resolved, just no idea why it shows all record missing,
It might be some issue with the portal wizard/DNS on Microsoft side. If you can resolve them OK externally, you can just ignore the wizard. If you want to be on the safe side, do some tests with the actual clients - configure Outlook profile, send/receive some messages, configure SfB, etc.
I have set my own domain as a default one, but when I try to send mail to my email address from gmail, the mail is still showing , how to change my default domain ?
You need to change your primary SMTP address. Go to O365 admin -> Users -> Active users -> select your user -> edit next to Email -> press the Set as default button next to the desired alias.
It works very well thanks for your information, and one last question,can office 365 sync with my AD server ?
Depends what you mean by sync? AAD Connect will allow you to sync objects from AD to O365 and manage them centrally from your on-prem servers. Not possible to do the same in the other direction though.
Yes this is what I want it to do , from AD to sync object to office 365,
What I need is to install ADFS and ADD connect in my enivornment correct ? Do I need ADFS proxy ?
You dont need AD FS.
If my company has DMZ and the AD server located at different subnet of DMZ, in this case I do need a ADFS in my DMZ am I correct ?
AD FS is a completely different story, it changes the way users login to the service and requires additional servers on-prem. All you need is AAD Connect.
Since my company is going to deploy Office 365, the global IT team tell us that we need to install a ADFS in our DMZ and also AD connect, later I will attach a network diagram to show our network structure
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