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is it possible to setup/host an external domain(different to our internal domain) for eu.netdocuments.com. we can setup a static entry on our clients(windows7) to point to a static ip(given to us by netdocuments due to issues) and works but we now need to apply to all our clients. So rather than adding a hosts file to every individual client desktops I am sure we can do using our own internal DNS servers?

we have a windows server 2012 domain

please advise if possible, if so guidance how to do would be useful too

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IT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017
Yes you can.
Just create forward lookup zone in your internal DNS with name eu.netdocuments.com
Inside put A record pointing to your External domain IP

Refresh DNS on workstation and check if this works.
shulmansHead of IT


Thanks for this Tom, I have setup this today and working fine
thanks for your help
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017

You're very welcome.

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