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How can I export certain sent messages from Outlook 2010

I had a laptop with Outlook 2010.   It was having issues so I took the Outlook file and exported it to a flash drive to import in a new laptop.  BUt for some reason 1 month of sent messages are missing in the new laptop.  How can I export this 1 month of sent messages to import again into the new laptop.  Both are running Outlook 2010 on Win 7.
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You could simply create another .PST file, and copy that 1 month of messages to the new .PST file and then import that .PST file.

There may be a way to do the export with PowerShell.  Give me a minute and I'll check that option out.
Here's how to do it with PowerShell

New-MailboxExportRequest -ContentFilter {(Received -lt '01/01/2015') -and (Received -gt '11/30/2014')} -Mailbox info -FilePath \\srv-ex2k13mb01\x$\info_Export_December2014.pst
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In outlook, go to file, Open, Export, Export to file, Outlook Data file(PST), on the next screen select filter, on the bottom is the time and you can select a month a year etc.
You can use PST file you just created.
Connect it back to Outlook you want import from, go to Sent Items and select one last month missing emails and drag and drop with CTRL key to PST Sent Items folder.
Disconnect PST from Outlook and connect to New Outlook. Then you can drag and drop whatever you want to new Outlook.
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Thanks for all the suggestions but John's  seemed to be the only one that I could use to complete the task.   Thanks
Thank you for the update and I was happy to help.