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Outlook 2010 meeting recurrances

I have a user with Outlook 2010. The user has a meeting that occurs daily.  Outlook keeps sending a reminder daily to all parties automatically.  Is there a way to correct this? The user doesn't need Outlook to send out a reminder daily.
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Tom Cieslik
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Just edit meeting and remove participants.
Then Outlook will remind only him about meeting and will not bother participants anymore.
Take a look at this blog.

This looks like a bug with Apple.

Try this for a workaround.

When creating a new appointment in Outlook, do not include yourself as an attendee. If you are using a distribution group to invite others, expand that group and remove yourself as an attendee.
Once a participant accepts the meeting then he will get a reminder. The Organizer's Outlook does not send reminders, reminders are from the participant's Outlook.
I have a daily meeting and I get a reminder everyday for that meeting. If everyone goes to their calendar opens the meeting and clicks options, go to reminder and set it to none.
You can also send meeting cancellation for all occurrences and all participants will get this meeting removed from calendar schedule
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No I'm not explaining this right.  The meeting occurs daily.  It's already on everyone's calendar, however outlook automatically sends an email reminder to the group daily.  This has nothing to do with Apple either.
I don't think they want to cancel the meeting, they just do not want the reminders.
Right they don't want the email reminders
Then have the users open the meeting in their Calendar go to options, set reminders to none.
there's no way the sender can do this?
No, once the meeting is accepted, the person that accepted it has to set the reminder to none. If they no longer join the meeting then the sender can cancel the meeting and a cancellation will go out and meeting will be removed from their calendars.
OK I'm confused because the reminder is being sent as an email from the user who set up the meeting.  not a pop-up on the users screen
Wait.... it looks like the person that setup the meeting can go to that meeting, options and set the reminders to none and send out the update.
So that will stop the emails?
Then once everybody accepts the update, the reminders should stop.

Are you saying emails are sent as reminders? I just get a pop up on the screen.
I"m saying the users are getting emails not pop ups to remind them of the meetings daily.  The popups are fine it's the automatic emails that we are trying to stop. Outlook is automatically sending emails.
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Edward Pamias
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I would have the organizer cancel this meeting and create a new one. See if that fixes it.
OK thanks.  We will try
And make sure they set the reminders to none on the new meeting. :)
Yes will do
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@Wellington, I already gave you those instructions before.... on my comment
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Of course I did not supply a picture. :(
You both gave me the correct answer so it's only fair I split it. thanks guys.