Vmotion configuration

Hi Experts,

We are working on configuring Vmotion on our 2 esxi hosts.

1) We have shared storage dell 3400SAS and have created a LUN that is available to both hosts under storage.
2) We have installed VCenter 6.0
3) Our 2 esxi hosts have 4 nic cards per host. One esxi host has an additional vswitch with a VLAN for VOIP. From previous posts answered i know that it is recommended to have a separate network and VLAN for VMotion.

How can i configure the new VLAN for VMotion when i only have 4 physical nics and they are all being used(2 for data and 2 for VOIP)?

I am not sure if it is possible to create a new vswitch and use the same nics that are already being used? Or can I use 2 out of the 4 nics, create a new vswitch, create new VLAN, tag the traffic for VMotion?

Thank you
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It's best to leave the VOIP vswitch/nics alone to avoid VOIP issues.

So you should configure the other vswitch/nics with an additional VLAN. Your external network switch must of course be configured for VLAN trunking on those ports.

This might require some downtime if the current vswitch/trunk/phsyical switch was not setup for multiple VLANs on the same physical infrastructure in the first place.

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talltreeAuthor Commented:
Hi Robcat,

Can/should i just the 2 physical nics per Esxi or is 1 sufficient?
Also on the VOIP, once Vmotion is functioning, in order to Vmotion the VM to the 2nd Esxi wouldn't i need to have the VOIP setup on the both Esxi's hosts?

Thank you
Using 2 nics in teaming mode is recommended for redundancy reasons. E.g. if one cable gets unplugged, things will continue working normally.

If you vmotion VMs between hosts, the network setup on both hosts must of course be completely identical, VOIP network included. But that goes for any VM.
talltreeAuthor Commented:
Thanks robocat, still working on it, but needed to close the question.
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