Need help with finding the right drivers for Win 7 on Dell Poweredge 1800 server

Jackson Bier
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I have an old Dell Poweredge 1800 that has been completely wiped. I have tried loading Ubuntu Server and a trial of Windows Server 2008 but couldn't get them to work, so I put in a Windows 7 disc that I had and was able to load up. I'm able to get to the Windows 7 installation interface where it says "Where do you want to install Windows" and it shows none of the 4 SCSI drives that I have (in raid 5). So I click "Load Driver" and it says I need to put the drives onto a USB and then try again. I navigate to the Dell website and it gives me a whole list of drivers for my server for my OS and I put them on my USB. I put the USB in and it reads none of the drivers that are on the USB as compatible. I have no idea where to go from here. Also my BIOS version is A06. Please help me, and thank you.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
It seems the drivers for the embedded RAID are incompatible with Windows 7.
Try to turn off the RAID from BIOS and try again.
2 things we can try

you will need to get the make and model from your raid controller and you will have to go to the manufacturer to download the drivers directly from them.  Once you get to the load drivers screen during windows 7 installation point to the directory where you have the manufacturers drivers.

If this doesnt work then you will need to go the more complex route

You will need to download the system management and tools documentation

Once you download it burn the ISO on to a DVD and you will need to boot from it. Once you are inside the system management and set up the partitions when it asks for the OS use win2k8 R2 and should allow windows to install.
download the driver from their site and use it at the load
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Microsoft dropped native support for SCSI controllers in 2008 R2/Windows 7, so you need to load this driver (it is for Server 2008 R2 as no client OS's are supported on Dell servers):

You need to download and run it to extract the contents before use ... THEN you can put them on a flash drive to load.

This will ONLY work if you are using the PERC 4e/DC controller. PERC 4/DC is not supported, and neither are the CERC controllers (CERC SATA 2s is the onboard controller and CERC SATA 6 is the card, but BOTH are SATA controllers and do not support SCSI).

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