How to automatically delete all messages in the Deleted items folder of outlook or exchnage

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Dear Team,

I have a journaling mailbox that automatically moved unnecessary email to the deleted items folder. Instead of keeping the mail in that folder I would like to automatically delete them permanently from the delete items folder.
Is there any way to do this, could it be done from exchange or outlook? We have exchange 2016 and outlook 2013.

Thank you.
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Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS Desk
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Thank you, at this time this mailbox is not opened by a user in outlook so I believe I would need to do this more with exchange, something like a script that deletes these items daily or something similar.
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What about retention policy ?
You can set retention policy to delete Deleted Items every day or so.
Just to to EAC Compliance Management and Set retention Policy then apply to this mailbox
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & Collaboration
You could always create a specific set of Retention Policy Tags and Retention Policy and apply it to this specific mailbox

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