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Mass deployment options with windows server

The company I just started working for manages IT for 6 school districts, about 1200 workstations in all. This summer we are going to reimage all the desktops, and get rid of their existing server operating systems on their primary DC’s, of which most are on server 2003 or 2008 not r2. Most have a secondary server that’s used as an app or sql server, and AD replication. Those will most likely stay as is unless they are unstable. I know I will have to gracefully remove the roles and demote them. I also know I’m going to have to be hands on with the server installs, that’s not a huge issue. Besides the age of the OS installs most of these severs have never been properly maintained so I’m leery of simply migrating them. The big thing is when It comes to deploying the workstation images, they will all have operating systems and be attached to the “old domain”, will I have to reformat these machines, or can I push new images to them from deployment services with existing operating systems on them? Also is there anything else I’m missing in doing this?
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Cliff is absolutely correct.
You dont need to reformat them. Just create a image deploy with MDT or SCCM.
They will take of those.