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Processor assertion error

I have a customer that has several new servers that are all throwing the following error:
Processor ---> IERR - Assertion
Failure Message: Processor Internal Error

Everything I can find says it's DIMM, but the customer is pushing back wanting us to replace all the CPU's.  Can anyone back me up with this?
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What is the make of the motherboard? Single or Multiple CPU's on the motherboard raising the exception? The fault could be power supply/Motherboard/CPU/Memory.  It is normally CPU or a failing system.
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It's a dual CPU Supermicro X10 series motherboard.
can you run a cpu retest from the bios? try swapping the cpu's to see if it follows a specific cpu
researching further Supermicro suggests contacting support
I ran through their website and it's ambiguous as to the error (CPU, memory, etc.).  I was hoping someone has seen this on other platforms and had a solution.
if you swap the cpu's does the error follow the cpu? or are both cpu's showing the error?
Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation and this issue went to my backup.  We currently have a crashdump file being examined to see what might be causing this issue.  I'll update in a day or so when the dump file has been reviewed.
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Received solution from CPU manufacturer.