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Curious what you guys think, see below current setup:

1 dag
2 sites primary and secondary
8 databases
4 member nodes (2 per site)
Primary site is active
secondary site is passive
4 active and 4 passive DBs on node 1 in primary site
4 active and 4 passive DBs on node 2 in primary site
4 passive DBs on each node in secondary site

What do you guys think about this setup. I'm thinking about having on active DBs in primary and no passive replicas, and have the passive replicas to only in the secondary site unless failover. Curious about your opinions of this. I'm thinking this should help server performance also. Performance is fine but just thinking because I will moving to Exchange 2016 soon.
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Setup is ok but are they true active directory sites (site boundaries?). The biggest issue with "site" fail over for 2010 is with the Cas (namespace boundary in ad site). Also could depend on any users in second site/location. All that aside, move to 2016 and most rules go out the window due to changes in dag and Cas (Mapi over https). Do you have a third site to put a witness? Supported in 2013 and above will allow true "site" fail over without dropping to Powershell. This is a very large topic and plenty of design variables. Also gone is requirement for layer 7 session affinity for client access.
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Thanks for you answer.

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