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Hi Experts,

How can I have 2 separate animations, but animation b waits until a finishes?

if I need JS, thats ok, I am just changing RGB values.

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Look at the following code. I change the font size of a <p> element. Initially the font-size goes up to 120px and then to 25px. To do this I put in the complete arg of the first animate function a second animate function. The second animate function triggers when the first complete.
<p class="lw">Hello Weaver!</p>

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.lw { font-size: 60px; }

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}, 2000,function(){
  $('.lw').animate({'font-size':25}, 2000);

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The general type of animation function is this:
$('.lw').animate(properties, duration, easing, complete);
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What are these animations? what's the trigger for them? do they run continuously or just once?

You can 100% do them using JavaScript, but i would first investigate using CSS Animations or transitions



if you give me a bit more info i can probably walk you through it.

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