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How to increase moto 4g plus phone lockout time. My phone locks out on me quick in 10 seconds i guess. I want to increase it to 5 minutes lets say. how to do it.
please advise
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To adjust the Automatic lock timer setting go to Settings > Security & Screen Lock > Automatically lock > Select desired time frame.

The Lock Screen uses two timers. The first timer is the "Sleep" timer which turns off the device display to extend battery life. You can turn the display on and swipe to unlock. The second timer called the "Automatic lock" timer turns on security features like pin, pattern, password or face unlock and protects the device from unknown users. This "Automatic lock" timer begins after the "Sleep" timer expires and you will be asked to enter personally recognizable data like pin, pattern, password or the face unlock when the display is powered on.

Note: The Automatic lock option will only show after a screen lock option (other than Slide) has been set.

To adjust the "Automatically lock"  timer go to Settings > Security & Screen Lock > Automatically lock > Select desired time frame.

To adjust the "Sleep" setting go to Settings > Display > Sleep > Select desired time frame

If you are using facial recognition and do not want the "slide to unlock" to appear, set the "Automatic lock" timer to "5 seconds"

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Apart from the above, it is very likely that you have set a power saver mode so that your screen will turn off in 5 seconds which will trigger screen lock at the same time.

Please read the attached user manual first to have a better idea on how you can operate your phone.

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