EXCEL 2010 wants to print 1 page PER CELL...!! crazy

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New Windows 10 laptop. Just installed the Brother mfc-9340cdw driver.
Now I want to print a 2 pages Excel but it shows 1008 pages!... one page per cell!
... windows 10 misery...
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Does it print OK from other applications? Which version of Excel?
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you can run a repair of excel - or office if needed - then test again
also - test when you print that file on another pc if it is ok or not (copy it to an usb stick)


it prints (would) 1008 pages...
In print preview mode I see all cells have a blue contour.
I tried a couple of things but installing a 2014 printer driver from Brother instead of the one Windows 10 installed itself seems to have fix the issue...
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it sounds like you don't have a proper driver for your printer, uninstall printer driver and download from manufacturer website according to your Windows platform ( x86/x64 ), then check if it helps.
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It sounds like your page setup/margins are tweaked. Does this happen with all files? If it were the printer driver, I don't think it would display the cells as separate pages in Preview Mode. One way to test that is to change the printer to a Microsoft XPS file. If it's just this file... Start with step 2 on this page.


Note also that the  Page Layout tab allows you to Set BREAKS. Select your entire sheet and REMOVE ALL BREAKS. These are manually added page breaks, apparently between every cell. You can see how page breaks are set here: View tab > Workbook Views group > Page Break Preview.


Since the problem is gone following my driver update, I cannot troubleshoot this deeper..
Thanks for your inputs.

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