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Windows Domain - Best practice for PST files with folder redirection

Good Day,
I am running a windows domain and we currently have folder redirection enabled.  This is for data redundancy and ease of use with users using different computers.

What we are struggling with is the PST files.  Each user has a mailbox size of about 5GB.  Currently folder redirection is not syncing the PST files as they are always in use with Outlook.

What is the best way to configure the PST files in conjunction with folder redirection (if at all)?
A few things to consider:

We are stuck with PST due to it being a franchise and have no option in email host.  
We are looking for PST to reside on the domain controller for data redundancy.
Server is running Server 2016 Standard

I was just considering keeping the PST files on each computer, and setting up a very basic backup to run once a week of just that folder to the server.

What are peoples thoughts?
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