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Problem to upload App to Tencent

Did you ever experience in uploading App to (which is I did get the problem that the web-site says that my App had not been uploaded properly even if I had done the upload to see it did progress till ‘finish’. Here are details of my App:
APP ID1105998240
Every time, I did press the following (circled in red) to do the upload

but after I’ve finished the upload, I still get the following problem. Why?

I did consult the help desk of Tencent while they did NOT help properly to this.
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Jackie Man
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Please do a full screenshot of the page of the upload form , not just portion of the screen. There should be info you need to fill in the upload form.
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Here are what I've finished
User generated image
I did send mail to support of them but I've got no reply to this for several days!
Expand the sessions which are not yet completed and post back the screen.
Yes, only pending thing is the following
User generated image
to which I had re-tried again and again, but I still had the problem, that I had originally mentioned to this thread.
Try tencent browser.

If still no go, it is related to how you prepare the apk file for 運營商派生包. You need specific SDK if you want to use 運營商派生包.
Sorry Jackie.
I used Tencent/QQ browser to upload that but I still got the same problem.

I did successfully upload the App to Baidu without any SDK and the downloaded App from Baidu does work fine.
運營商派生包 is a completely different concept to create the app so that the end user do not need to have Internet access to download the app. You need to select YSDK支付 instead.

You need to get involved with the telecom operators in Mainland China if you want to use 運營商派生包 and you need to use the related SDK to package your app. I cannot find detailed info on these.
I have selected 'YSDK支付(米大师)' instead and then upload the App, by QQ browser, but then I still have got the same problem.

I do not know why their support did not help me at all!
There is very limited info in the Internet to solve your problem. Instead, have you tried the link below to publish your app?
This site is rather slow to upload one file (.apk file, that is only about 30 MB). Any advice?

User generated image
are you using Google Chrome browser (32 bit)?

The above website makes use of flash for uploading and Chrome has disallowed flash for Chrome (64 bit).
Chrome should be 64-bit as it is the setup within Win 10 Desktop.
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I run 32-bit IE below and get no response if I've clicked button highlighted.
User generated image

Install flash player first.


Try to install Chrome 32 bit which is a better option.
I use 32-bit Chrome to upload 30 MB file below but problem persists (to keep waiting for something below).

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