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I am using a backup solution which protects the VM at hypervisor level (I am using ESXi 5.5). It relies on creating a delta file of the VMDK's attahced to the VM. The schedule is weekly and I am concerned the vmdk delta file seems quite large. I have a VM with Windows Server 2012R2 used as a terminal server, it only has 1 vmdk attached. The delta file created between weekly backups is nearly 30GB! This seems huge for a terminal server with no real data on it. The vmdk total size is 100GB.

1. does this seem normal?

2. is there any way of reducing this delta size? (data deplucation in Server 2012?)

3. is the delta generation a limititation of ESXi? (compared to ESX?)

4. does it rely on the virtual hardware specs of the VM as well? i.e. if it has 16GB RAM assigned, I think this affects the swap size? does it also affect the delta?

I hope that all makes sense.

Thanks for your responses
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Answer to all your questions Is No.

Close and merge the snapshot e.g. the delta file

Do not run VMs on snapshots permently performance is poor and your VM will fail.

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