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i'm trying to load data to a database table using flat file using following table, while executing the script i'm getting the ERROR

Scriptlet : SQLLDR USERID = $DB_DETAILS , CONTROL= '$ctl', log= '$LOG_FILE', direct = TRUE

Error SQLLDR : SQL*Loader-500: Unable to open file ($ctl.ctl)
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$ctl and $Log_file are PowerShell variables? Then you need to enclose them in double quotes, instead of or in addition to the ticks:
SQLLDR USERID = $DB_DETAILS , CONTROL= "'$ctl'", log= "'$LOG_FILE'", direct = TRUE

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because PowerShell interprets single quotes (ticks) as delimiters for "literal strings" (do not change anything), while double quotes allow for variable expansion and subexpression evaluation.

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