Where does legacy ASP.NET initialize language?

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I have to fix a bug where a single international user gets the wrong language and need to replicate this. As an admin, I can log in as the user. But I have no plans to switch my Windows language to Swedish. So I thought I would track down the exact line of code which reads the Default OS language and assigns that to my website to use.

Any idea what variable names I could search this very large solution for? I assume it includes "Environment".

What function would this be in? I will look inside Global.asax if there is one...

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Typically the thead culture is set based on the languages passed from the browser.
This is done on every request load for every user.


If you need to emulate, you can easily just override the language settings in the browser.  Chrome, IE pretty much anything makes it easy to just add multiple languages into your browser, and then just change the order of them momentarily to test.
I have about 5 different ones in there just for that purpose.

In any case, you can also just override those settings above on begin_request in global.asax and set them to a Swedish culture to test.
If you need to CHANGE that Swedish one for that single user, that's also where you'd do it.
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